About Us

We tried to make very high-quality product and so our code is very neat and clean

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A little about us


To Construct Experiences that not just delight but also truly remain a testimony to our commitment and hard work.


Develop process flows to acknowledge one constant in the industry which is "Change" and deliver continued success/excellence.


To be the industry leaders in providing cutting edge solutions that would revolutionise the modern day approach.

Why Choose Us?

One stop shop

BlocMatrix offers a 'one-stop-shop' Blockchain, AR/VR solutions providing everything you need to successfully market your business to customers.


We are passionate about our work and ensure that we committed to deliver success to our customers.


By partnering with BlocMatrix, you have a truly collaborative partner who understands what you need, ensure you are in control of achieving business objectives and ensure effectiveness in every aspect of the business process.

Experience & Expertise

We got an In-house strong experienced team which comprises of high skilled individuals capable of performing tasks with the most modern approach.


Our goal is to provide innovative solutions with cutting edge technology which would truly inspire to our customer to achieve success.

Blocmatrix Template

Meet our team

We are a group of multi-disciplinary professionals
united by our passion to make this world a better place with innovation.

M. C. Praveen

A. Sarathy

Nihil Kumar Gupta