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Revolutionizing livestock industry with the convergence of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT: Tracking, Traceability, Analytics The Challenge

Access to markets is critical to speed up the commercialization of livestock production. Lack of access to markets may act as a disincentive to farmers to adopt improved technologies and quality inputs. Except for poultry products and to some extent for milk, markets for livestock and livestock products are underdeveloped, irregular, uncertain and lack transparency. Further, these are often dominated by informal market intermediaries who exploit the producers.

Likewise, slaughtering facilities are too inadequate. About half of the total meat production comes from unregistered, make-shift slaughterhouses. Marketing and transaction costs of livestock products are high taking 15-20% of the sale price. Deficiency of vaccines and vaccination set-up.Inadequate availability of credit. Poor accesses to organized markets deprive farmers of proper milk price the livestock sector did not receive the policy and financial attention it deserved. The sector received only about 12% of the total public expenditure on agriculture and allied sectors, which is disproportionately lesser than its contribution to agricultural GDP.

The sector has been neglected by the financial institutions.The share of livestock in the total agricultural credit has hardly ever exceeded 4% in the total (short-term, medium-term and long-term). The institutional mechanisms to protect animals against risk are not strong enough. People in rural areas have trouble to access the right modes of transport and these aren't cheap and efficient transportation options.

Need of the hour

Before any project begins we highlight goals, and communicate what our clients deem as must-haves/non-negotiables.

Create one market place across different geographies

Bring the key stakeholders together: Farmers, traders,Veterinary Doctors, transporters/logistics providers, insurers and financiers/Banks.

Create a fool-proof livestock data recording mechanism.

Educating the key stakeholders for better yields.

The Solution

Built a blockchain-enabled market place using Hyperledger fabric to create an immutable record of the transactions.

Use of Artificial intelligence for educating the stakeholders to improve them.

Use of IoT devices, to track the progress of the livestock and maintain health record with timely vaccination.

Also,built a Mobile app ( IOS/Andriod) improve accessibility. Created an uber for transporting the livestock upon request.

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